Join VeedyBox Affiliate Program

Want a monthly passive income?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you have a blog, mailing list or good marketing skills you can earn 25% of the sum of each purchase made through your unique link!

You can get a recurring commission (every month) for every user that you referred (as long as they continue with their subscription).


How to start?

1. Join our affiliate program by registering here:

2. Share your unique link (you will get it after you register to our affiliate program) on websites, emails, and social media.

3. Earn a 25% commision for every visitor referred by you who signs up to our website and purchase any of our packages.

4. Continue to receive a monthly commission as long as the users you referred continue to pay for their subscription.

5. Collect your earnings via PayPal once you’ve accumulated a minimum of $100.

Affiliate Dashboard

Get all the data you need in one place, see how many clicks you have from your unique link, how many users registered and how many purchased.

Once you register our affiliate program, you can see your dashboard from here:

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