33 Resources for Free Stock Videos

33 Resources for Free Stock Videos

Any type of project needs a compelling and relevant video to entice and engage viewers and get the desired reaction. Since more and more content makers acknowledge the importance of video content, the need for it is on the rise. However, creating great video content takes time, effort and skills. Using stock videos is the perfect solution to this dilemma. They are the perfect resource for film creators and video producers.

While there are many free stock images sites, It can be quite challenging to find free high-quality stock videos that would be appropriate for a certain project and that the target audience will find valuable.

At VeedyBox we already took care of that! when you create a video inside our video editor you will get access to more than 500,000 videos and images you can use in your project, without any license problem.

Here are 33 resources for getting the best stock-free videos:

Bottled Video

This resource’s tagline is “Free Footage for the Masses.” All the stock footages in Bottled Video have been cleared for use as commercial videos. They have a substantial library of free stock footages for users to download.  Most of the footages are SD (640 x 480) clips, but high-definition (HD) videos are also available for purchase.


Clipstill has a variety of cinemagraphs, which are small video files that can be downloaded. These free downloads require attribution. Clipstill cinemagraphs are ideally used for web design.

Beachfront B-Roll

This website provides a huge library of free stock video footage. The videos are simple to download and are available in the following categories: VJ Loops, Nature, Food and Drink, Holidays, Animations, Animals, and Buildings and Traffic.  There are also Time-lapse and HDR videos.

Fancy Footage Club

Fancy Footage Club sends curated cinema-quality stock footages monthly to web designers and web developers.  The contributors are always credited and they are regularly promoted via the website’s social media accounts.


With offices both in Oslo, Norway and California, Clipcanvas is one of the largest exchanges for video clips worldwide. Clipcanvas offers video footages under different categories, but especially those that are difficult to film such as Limited Access videos from hospitals and government buildings. Users need to register first before they can download free videos, but they can pay for video packages that they can use forever.

Free HD Footage

This website focuses on providing free high-definition footage from a number of different categories such as Backgrounds, Buildings. Looping, Nature, Office Building, Forest, City & Urban, and more.


This site has copyright-free videos that can be downloaded for free. There is an option for users to see how the video would look on a website’s header before deciding to download it.  New videos are added every week. Users can download videos with the following formats: webm, ogv, and mp4.


One unique thing about SplitShire is that only one person is responsible for all the content. It has lots of aerial drone footages that can be used on a website or mobile app, for advertising or any other personal or commercial work.

Free Animal Video

As the title of the website suggests, it offers free, unlimited downloads of animal videos. There is no charge to use the videos and licensing is free.

Cute Stock Footage

Cute Stock Footage offers free videos in HD format. It is easy to sort through the numerous free videos as they are categorized into Newest, Most Popular, and Most Downloaded.


Distill offers 10 free high-definition videos every day for 10 straight days for subscribers. It curates creative and unique videos by artists such as John Gunn, Enzo Biancolli, and Xavier Dominique. It has 8 categories: Nature, City, Food, People, Architecture, Animal, Technology, and Objects.

Footage Crate

Footage Crate is the best resource for free visual effects and motion graphics. Graphic and web designers can choose from its extensive full-HD archives which feature numerous footages from natural elements, fire and sparks, transitions, and even zombies.


With more than 1 million clips in its archives, Dissolve offers one free monthly clip for those who sign up.

Vimeo Free HD Stock Footage Group

This is a Vimeo group created by Phil Fried ten years ago.  The title of the group is “Free HD stock footage” and everyone can download them for use in projects.  Extended versions of some of the clips are for sale.

Life of Vids

If you need copyright-free footage videos, loops, and clips, Life of Vids provides them for personal and commercial use.  Distribution to other sites is limited to a maximum of 10 videos and new ones are added weekly.

Ignite Motion

At Ignite Motion, users can download free high-definition motion backgrounds and videos. Videos are in Quicktime and MP4 formats which are both compatible with the most highly-used video editing software.


With new videos added on a weekly basis, Vidsplay offers free HD stock footages. Top-quality videos are used by renowned brands like TEDx and Forbes. It features unique and very specific videos with descriptions such as “Free Blurred Christmas Lights Stock Video Footage” or “Free Rainy Windshield Stock Video Footage”.


With a collection by creative artists from around the world, Mazwai’s unusual videos can be freely used under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  You can use these videos for commercial projects.  It is one of the best websites to get unique time-lapse and slow motion video footages. Users can also send in their video suggestions.


What makes Vidlery unique among other free stock video sites is that it provides free animated backgrounds. Vidlery has a great collection of cute animations such as different events like a wedding or a birthday party and activities such as jogging, surfing, or cycling.

Motion Backgrounds

This site features unlimited downloads of professional-quality backgrounds and motion videos. All the clips are completely royalty-free, and everyone is invited to download as many clips as they want without being charged.


Videvo offers free stock video footage, boasting a collection of more than 4,000 HD clips. There are two ways that Videvo licenses their video clips: through their Videvo Standard License and through the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Reddit Footage

Reddit Footage’s aim is to post video content for anyone who needs it. This subreddit encourages its members to directly submit the links of their video content to the page.  All video s are under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Motion Elements

Motion Elements is a royalty-free marketplace for stock footage and stock video.  All you need to do is to buy once for unlimited uses. It’s primarily aimed at an Asian audience. In fact, it is Asia’s number one site for video and music assets. All assets are safe for commercial use.  You can also sign up as an artist and be able to price your own clips and earn royalties.


This website brings together an online community of videographers throughout the world that share free HD clips. You can even explore and discuss the thousands of clips these videographers upload. Artists can receive actual feedback from content users. The Videezy site gets almost 2 million visitors monthly.

Movie Tools

This is a great source of free video background loops and motion elements.  The extensive footage collection of Movie Tools can be used for various animated projects.

Tanuri X

This website records the travels, adventures, and experiences of two individuals: Tania and Yuri. They have expressed the intention of sharing the videos that they have captured during their travels, and their media projects can be used freely.  Free videos are only available under the Free Film Stock category.

Stock Footage For Free

“Your home for premium stock footage” offers professional quality stock footage that has a royalty-free license. Users have to register in order to freely use videos. It is helpful to note that the site is primarily a blog that up-sells the VideoBlocks platform to the user.

Orange HD

Orange HD has a lot of full HD footage intended for non-commercial use.  There is no need to sign up in order to download videos in various categories such as animals, nature, people, food and drink, and technology, among others.

Pexels Videos

Providing completely free stock videos coming from different sources, the Pexels Video library has a lot of videos depicting flowers, the ocean, babies, animals, and many more.


The main objective of SplashBase is to be a searchable directory of high-quality videos. Browse through numerous high-quality CC 3.0-licensed videos from various sources.

Pond 5 Public Domain

Pond5 offers stunning and completely unique videos. Most of their footage isn’t completely free, but there are about 9,700 videos that are categorized under “Public Domain only.” Pond 5 offers the following media types: royalty-free stock videos, music tracks, and sound effects.

Pixabay Videos

With an extensive collection of about 1, 400 HD video clips, Pixabay Videos offer royalty-free footages for commercial projects. Find high-quality videos in various categories.  Media type, resolution, duration, category, and the number of downloads are some of the useful information included in the clip.

Motion Places

Motion Places provides a free high-quality stock footage from around the world. You can download HD footage for free (attribution required) or buy a 4K version of the clip.

A great stock video saves time and money and it helps with the visual flow of the final production.

License for these video sites

While these sites offer free videos, you should always look at their license page to get more info about the video license. Most of them don’t require any attribution, but part of these sites may ask for it.


This list arranged by Gery Slov from the Facebook group “The Drop“, a group for internet marketers

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