7 Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads

Have you started creating Facebook video ads for but can’t seem to get much out of them? Are you struggling to make better-converting video ads? Are you new to Facebook ads or simply don’t see the value of video ads altogether?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been using video ads since Facebook launched the feature. The most important factor in video ads is to give value to the viewer and encourage him or her to take the desired action.

Videos on Facebook have continued crushing it with over 8 billion video views per day (and counting), giving YouTube a run for its money.

While 44% of SMB owners and marketers plan to put money behind video content on Facebook, a lot of businesses are still underutilizing video despite its evident success and impact.

With the visibility videos bring to businesses, it’s time for marketers and small businesses to start publishing high-quality, engaging videos within their marketing campaigns.

If you’re not sure where to begin, read on as we discuss seven ways you can create high-impact, effective Facebook video ads.

1. Establish your Goals First

Before you go about making the video, determine what you want to achieve from it. Why do you need a video ad? What do you want people to do after viewing your video? Do you want them to buy your product, are you announcing a new product, want more Facebook likes, promoting a website, or do you simply want your potential customers to know you exist?

Whatever the goal is, it has to be clear before any video work starts. Establishing goals will guide you throughout the video-making process and help you create compelling messages which will then bring you the wanted result.

Additionally, it would be a lot easier for you to choose the Campaign Marketing Objective when you start a new Facebook video ad campaign once you’ve already established what the purpose of your video is.

2. Start Strong

Videos on Facebook newsfeeds auto-play and you have a maximum of 3 seconds to convince fans to watch the entire video before they continue to scroll. You, hence, need to have a compelling beginning in your video ad.

So skip the intro or logos and start engaging your viewers. Start with a catchy beginning that will capture their attention right off the bat.

Don’t start your video with a logo, instead, start it with a catchy beginning to make your audience want to watch it all.

Don’t forget that videos auto-play without sound, so you’ve got to be creative enough to make them notice the video even without sound.

3. Be Real and Show your Personality

Don’t make your videos feel like ads (even if they are) by overproducing them. Remember, Facebook is a social platform, not a TV. You’ve got to be social and not uptight.

If your Facebook video ads feel too commercial, you’ll hardly have any views. Your video should bring out the fun side of your business. Forget corporate, and be human! Remember that your products are for people, not machines, so appeal to them from a human point of view. Tell a story people will relate to.

Videos are a chance to give your audience a glimpse into who you are, so don’t be shy about it. Tell your business’s story in an informal, yet informative, way. Be sure to be enthusiastic and excited about what you’re talking about in your video.

If your video appears forced, the viewers will get bored and won’t take any action, and they will probably just ignore you, so be creative and use third-party apps to create professional-looking videos using engaging templates, text, colors, and images.

4. Create Targeted Facebook Video Ads

Facebook ads allow you to target your audience in several ways, including gender, location, interest, age, and so on. Instead of a generally targeted video, create several videos that target specific interest groups in your audience. Experiment with multiple videos, each with their own ad set and audience, to learn what works best for your business.

Make your Facebook video ad targeted as can be, including gender, location, interest, age, and so on.

5. Add Captions to Your Videos

As mentioned earlier, Facebook videos auto-play soundlessly. Thus, make sure your video passes the message across even when the viewer can’t hear it.

In some cases, it might be hard to make your video understandable if there’s no sound. To solve that, you could add captions to your videos so people can still read your message even when the sound is off.

We recommend adding some creative, good-looking captions at the video editing step before you upload it to Facebook to make your video attention grabbing from the start; therefore, it’ll be more likely your viewers would want to turn the sound on and finish watching the video.

6. Don’t Forget to Add a Description

Facebook allows you to add an accompanying description with your video to give more details. Make use of this part to share further information that may not be included in your video.

Add as much information as you can to supplement and support your video. You can keep it short or as long as you want. The length doesn’t really matter as long as what you write is informative and valuable to your viewers instead of wasting their precious time.

7. Add a Call to Action

A video is useless if it does not give the viewer any value. You want people to like your Facebook page, well, what’s in it for them? What value do they get from liking your page?

Every time you create a video ad, ask yourself what you can offer to your viewers. Offer something your target audience cannot resist.

Once you’ve established the value you’re offering, be sure to tell people what you want them to do by adding a call to action to the video. If you want them to like your page, be sure to ask them to do so and mention the offer they get by taking that action. For instance, a call to action could be something like ‘Like our page and get a 20% discount off your next purchase.’

In Conclusion

Creativity and value are the two things you need to keep in mind when creating Facebook video ads. With so much information available on the social media platform, you don’t want your video to be regarded as more noise. Create beautiful videos that stand out from the crowd; only then will your marketing videos drive leads and sales to your business!

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